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Working Replacement Keys In Under 24 Hours + Our Proprietary Software So You Can Track Every Key Order!

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How It Works


Order Key or Fob directly from our Website.


Pick your shipping option.


If programming is needed, simply connect the “EZ Key Smart Link” to the vehicle, open the programming app using a smart phone or tablet,  and your key will be programmed remotely.


With our low prices you can then invoice your customer with substantial profit margins, turning locksmithing into a profit center with very little investment or training.

Why us?

By leveraging our industry changing technology, we are able to provide our clients not only replacement keys in under 24 hours but more importantly real time transparent key data on every key we ship helping to greatly reduce costs and catapult efficiency.

We do it cheaper, faster, and using our proprietary software you can follow every key order form the moment it’s ordered, thru the shipping process, to the point the key/fob is programmed.

We use the ‘EZ Key Smart Link’ Technology to remotely program every key and fob.

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